Make The Right Decision On What Technology Really Has A Future


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Making the Right Decisions on What Technologies Really Have a Future

The media landscape is evolving at a faster pace than ever. Today's sports media executive is faced with an increasing number of decisions when it comes to figuring out which technological trends are worth placing a bet on.

• How do you and your organisation evaluate new opportunities and also ensure you have a team that is focused on developing new ideas without jeopardising existing relationships based around existing distribution platforms?

• What developments in media distribution, like OTT, social platforms, VR, AR, etc. are you most interested in? Which ones do you think can impact your fans the most?

• New technologies come along and some are just fads and some are transformative. When you are looking at something for the first time, like a new app or a VR experience, are there certain qualities that help you figure out quickly whether it is a fad or transformative?

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