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The Squeeze on Rights-Holders Below the Top Tier

Sport Business Group

Premium rights-holders such as the English Premier League and Uefa are continually able to secure increases in the value of their media rights. But what does this mean for second- and third-tier properties in the long term?

Testing the Water: How Long Until the Tech Giants Put Serious Money on the Table?

Sport Business Group

Of the US tech giants, Amazon has thus far been the most aggressive. But how long until serious money is put down for a premium media-rights property?

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How the US Kicks the Soccer Ball, Finally

International Football Arena

As more and more US entrepreneurs buy into European Soccer teams and European soccer giants visit and conquer US fans, could it be that the US is finally becoming a soccer nation? The US embraces Canada and Mexico to bid jointly for the FIFA World Cup, becoming a serious competitor to win the World Cup before China?

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Make The Right Decision On What Technology Really Has A Future

Sports Video Group

Today's sports media executive is faced with an increasing number of decisions when it comes to figuring out which technological trends are worth placing a bet on. What do developing technologies mean, what was a trend yesterday and what really came through and which ones seem destined to be a financial loser. In this informative session we revue the past year and find out what really has a future for our industry.

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Sports Media in China: Short- and Long-Term Trends

Oceans Marketing

An expert panel of leading China sports professionals will present and discuss the latest developments and future trends in China sports media, answering topics such as:

  • Where are we in the "boom and bust" cycle of China sports media rights? What is the current trend, and what does the future hold for the various sports IP?
  • What are the latest developments in digital and mobile content? How are the traditional broadcasters adapting?
  • How are government policies encouraging sports investment and participation playing out, now and over the next 3/5/10 years, and how will these larger forces affect the China sports market moving forward?
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eSports: Ongoing Legal Challenges / New Stakeholders

  • Ongoing Legal Challenges : Gambling Issues and more generally Integrity Issues, IP Protections, Online Streaming Rights, Electronic Security;
  • New stakeholders: Alibaba Investments, Investment Strategy

Daily Fantasy Sports

  • To prevent fantasy monopoly, FTC has blocked DraftKings-FanDuel Merger: an update
  • Current legal cases (gambling, relations with TV, advertising...)
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