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The SPORTELSummit is the conference based networking event designed only for an exclusive circle of global decision makers of the sports marketing and media industry.

The Elite Meeting

The SPORTELSummit is an unprecedented conference that stands out in a world of conventions and shapes the industry for tomorrow. The two-day meeting, true to the SPORTEL values will showcase an illustrious selection of presenters and speakers and provide attendees with a new understanding of current and future industry affairs. This summit will present the luxury to meet "Only The Elite" in special networking sessions and build new business relations with real decision makers, in a convivial but confidential environment.

Miami Beach has no doubt become a hot spot for international business and sports events, setting an inspirational tone for the summit, complementing the style and quality SPORTEL is historically famous for.

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The Basics

Marketing is without a doubt the source of it all. Marketing determines how sports is branded, produced and what content is communicated and how to the fans at home. Leading professionals share detailed insight of this business that shapes and decides everything before events actually happen.

Following the footsteps of Marketing, we invite Sponsorship Agents and major Sponsors/Brands to this special panel. Here attendees can learn more about the sponsor side, learn what their objectives are, how events, teams or athletes are chosen but also what sponsors are missing from all the other sides.

A variety of industry experts share highly informative insight matters such as host cities, event organization, federation questions, political issues and lots more. These industry influencers address current and future issues that help shape the industry and business. They will share examples and open a dialogue to exchange ideas and solutions.

Without a doubt technology plays a major role in our industry today. These panels are designed to help break barriers and build new understanding on current or upcoming technologies that will enable our industry to generate higher profits with using the right tech for brand and product communication.

With the ever changing environment of our business, legal issues change constantly. This highly specialized panel will shed a light on a dark and misunderstood segment of our industry. “Law” sets the basics of our business and this panel will help gain a better understanding on current matters of your business.

The SPORTELSummit offers you the exclusive opportunity to present dedicated panels, demos or presentations. SPORTEL will assist you with the promotion and include your event in the official programme.

Conference & Speakers

True to the SPORTEL style, the Summit will present panels that address relevant issues on the Sports Marketing & Media Industry.

Only at this meeting will you have the privilege to witness people that stand out and shape the industry. Celebrities, Influencers, Leaders, Federation Presidents and Politicians will present new projects and speak about their side of the business, which will later be elaborated in detailed discussion sessions.

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The W South Beach offers us the perfect setting for hosting a conference and networking event for serious business.

The SPORTELSummit is a highly exclusive event with an extremely high-class participant. A unification of global decision makers at this summit can only be done in a setting that offers luxury, inspiration and a professional surrounding for the selected attendees.

The W South Beach offers us the perfect setting for hosting a conference and networking event for serious business. It’s a typical South Beach hotel, where iconic design and mesmerizing ocean views harmonize. The “W” is world famous for it’s classy hospitality and extraordinary design, a serious perk when mixing business with a side of glamour. The hotel offers advanced conference facilities where the summit welcomes decision makers to network and open dialogues in an ideal environment for prosperous business.

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